Digital Payment, Online Payment Gateway and Electronic Payment System


"The Modern era of Digital Payments"

With the development of internet technology, the scope of digital payments has really improved. At present, around 70% of business organizations in India are managing their financial transactions through digital payments. The most attractive thing about the digital transaction is, it is very easy and simple to manage the transactions without any hassle. You don’t need to stand in long queues in order to make the payments to your clients.

With digital payments, you can simply pay or receive an amount over the internet connection. In order to enhance the comfort of users, the digital payment services are now maintained through mobile devices. Yes, now you can easily pay, receive, deposit or check the balance on your mobile device. In this digital era, everything is now available on the Smartphones. Thus the digital payments are also introduced wisely.

The small business organizations now don’t have to waste their valuable time on the premises of financial institutes. They can simply manage their necessary financial transaction through their Smartphone. ftcash is one of the reputed financial service providers in India. Since 2015, it has been offering digital payment and loan facilities to the users. It has designed a unique mobile application, through which it is very easy to manage the payments.

The mobile application is maintained with a user-friendly interface with all necessary features. The customers can use different payment options like credit card, debit card, net banking, PayPal, UPI, mobile wallets and other in order to manage the payments. You can simply search the name and number of the merchant, through the search functionality and can proceed the transaction.

Again, you can also share the payment links through SMS, email, Facebook, and WhatsApp in order to receive the payments. Because of this unique mobile application, it is now convenient for the SMEs and Micro-business organizations to manage the payment in an effective way. There are no monthly rentals or upfront fees associated with the mobile application. Just by paying a nominal amount of Rs 300, you can easily, manage the setup.

It will take less than 5 minutes to configure your bank account and other details with the application. Indeed, the mobile application seems to be very handy as well as flexible to handle the hectic financial transactions. In case, you want some more information about the digital payments; then you can log-in to the official website. You can also seek help from the customer support team, in case of an emergency.